Oil Heating Advantages

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Oil Heat Council

  • Oil heat is SAFE. Oil is the safest fuel to heat with. It is non explosive and nonflammable. There is a low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or “undetectable odors”.
  • Clean Burning. Oil heat burns clean and emits minimal levels of pollutants. It burns so clean that it is not subject to any clean air requirement.
  • Efficient. Oil burns at hotter temperatures than other fuels. Your house is heated faster and uses less fuel to maintain temperatures.
  • Supplier Choice. There are many oil dealers offering differing services. Since you can freely choose your oil company, competition is created in the marketplace, which normally yields better pricing and customer service by vendors. Competition increases the need for quality customer service and price competition.
  • Best way to Heat Water. Oil is the most desirable way to heat water because of rapid recovery rates. You have a hotter more abundant water source.
  • Not a Utility. Easy to understand billing with no hidden fees and delivery charges.
  • Supply. You have your own oil supply in the oil tank.

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