Timely oil delivery and reliable service represent the core business at Needham Energy and we take our responsibilities to our customers very seriously.

We strive to help you, the customer, understand oil pricing and price fluctuations, oil services, maintenance agreements and why they are important, what to do if you run out of oil and how we can help make sure you don’t.

Your comfort and safety and that of your family is our primary concern and we assure you we stay on top of industry trends, oil quality and quantity, equipment and new technologies and customer and emergency services.

We hope we’ll have you as a customer for a long time!

Towns We Service

Automatic Delivery

Avoid unnecessary run outs with easy, free and reliable automatic delivery. Automatic oil delivery is one of the many conveniences you will enjoy as a customer of Needham Energy. This delivery option eliminates the need for you to track your oil tank and be hassled with scheduling your next delivery—we do it for you!

Needham Energy has invested in state of the art technology and sophisticated computer software that allows us to accurately predict oil delivery schedules. Computerized Degree Day Forecasting tracks the daily weather and coordinates that data with information on your individual usage characteristics, like size of your house, age of equipment, insulation, how your hot water is heated, etc. We calculate a “K” factor or usage factor that suits your requirements, so we can ensure you will never have to deal with the inconvenience of running out of oil again.

Sign up for our Automatic Delivery and NEVER run out of oil again!

Full-Service VS COD

There are two types of oil dealers, Full Service Dealers and C.O.D (Cash On Delivery) or Discount Dealers. The differences between dealer types are quite significant and a decision to choose one over the other needs careful consideration. Here’s some information to help you compare.


  • Premium Heating Oil & Tank Insurance
  • Automatic Oil Delivery with credit terms
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Guaranteed Oil Supply
  • Budget Programs & Credit Card Payments
  • Maintenace / Service Agreements
  • Sales, Service & Installation of all heating, cooling, hot water & air purification systems
  • Extensive stock of parts and equipment
  • Fleet with several oil delivery, service & installation vehicles
  • On site sheet metal shop & fabricators
  • Active Compliance & Safety Programs
  • Fully licensed & insured
  • No subcontractors


  • Oil may be a few cents higher than discounters


  • Cheap Oil
  • No contractual obligation by either party


  • Just oil. No additives added
  • Cash on delivery. You have to be home at the time of delivery to pay driver
  • Limited Operations and delivery vehicles
  • Often consist of 1-2 employees
  • No service or limited service often not by them but subcontract service out
  • No technical or live operator to speak to
  • Inadequate insurance coverage

Guaranteed Oil Supply

Needham Energy customers with good credit standing do not have to worry about oil supply. A secure supply of oil is a necessity for us New Englanders especially during the cold winter months. Not all oil dealers ensure that you receive a steady supply of oil when you need it. Most C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) and Discounters do not guarantee oil delivery and have no obligation to keep your tank filled. These companies are often operated by one or two people and if they are too busy, or labor is scarce, or they are on vacation or just don’t feel like delivering to you that day, they won’t! Protect yourself and your family — don’t get caught in the middle of the night in the dead of winter without oil. Call Needham Energy today!

Payment Options

Budget Program

The price of oil is influenced by many factors and price can fluctuate significantly in a matter of hours (see what impacts the price of oil). The volatile nature of the heating oil market and seasonality of oil expenses pose a significant challenge to monthly financial planning. In order to reduce the impact of high winter heating bills, Needham Energy offers some flexible payment options.

Credit Card Payments

Needham Energy offers a convenient automatic credit card option. Upon delivery/service, we can automatically charge the credit card on file, saving you time and postage. We accept MasterCard and Visa. For security purposes, please call us at 781-453-9500 to set up this option.

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