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Newer Heating and Hot Water Systems Can Save You Money
Energy use and operating costs are a priority to most everyone these days, especially with the ever rising costs of fuel. Needham Energy frequently consults with customers to be sure their existing system is operating efficiently by today’s standards. A new, higher efficiency heating system could save as much as 50% on your operating costs. If your system is 15 years or older, you may want to consider replacement or upgrade. Newer technologies such as Buderus direct vent boiler can deliver efficiency as high as 93% and will not only reduce your energy costs but will have major impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gasses. Buderus’s exclusive Logamatic control or Techmar reset controls can offer even further fuel savings by automatically setting back the boiler temperature when heat demand loads are lower; for example as outdoor temperatures rise, the boiler will cycle less giving substantial savings along with less wear and tear.

Most water heating methods used in the past are much less efficient than today’s modern indirect tanks. Replacing your tankless coil or flue vented water heater can reduce energy costs and increase hot water quantity. Super Stor, indirect water heaters are quick recovery, insulated to allow less than ½ degree per hour temperature loss, and a lifetime warranty are a few reasons to let us evaluate your existing hot water system.

If you’re building new, adding space or remodeling, we can design a system that will fit your requirements with zoning for new spaces or divisions for new zones. Radiant heating by Viega has become one of the more popular choices with floor panels and tubing running beneath the floor, offering unsurpassed warmth and comfort. With its own outdoor reset system, lower operating costs are another advantage.

In new homes we frequently install Hydro-Air systems which are hybrid systems using a low velocity, quiet, ducted system. You’ll enjoy constant environment control as you can add high grade filtration such as an AccuClean whole house air cleaner to your system to remove common household pollutants like pollen, tobacco smoke, duct, spores, bacteria and more. Adding whole house Humidification allows for constant moisture control by reducing dryness in your home and improving health and comfort by raising the relative humidity. Humidification will also protect your home by preventing ceiling and wall to crack, floors to separate and furniture to split. Aprilaire and Nortec are quality humidifiers that fit into most homes. Hydro-Air allows for complete environmental control.

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