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Air Conditioning Systems

Utilizing the most modern state-of-the-art equipment and technology along with the most efficient, energy saving concepts, Needham Energy can effectively heat or cool your home with surprisingly low operating costs.

Our on-site sheet metal shop allows us to custom fit any application — especially useful for existing homes that may pose a challenge for other companies. As specialists in comfort solutions, Needham Energy educates and guides you during each step of the process so your decisions are informed and your final system benefits you for years to come.

Our technicians are trained to take on the most difficult challenges whether your home is heated with hot water, electric, steam or inadequate ductwork. You can expect a system that will provide you with even temperatures, quiet operation and maximum comfort with little or no mess. Our installers will treat your home with the respect that you deserve.

We are Nate certified (North American Technician Excellence) in air conditioning, heating and heat pumps. Nate is the leading certification program for technicians in the HVAC industry and is the only test supported by the entire industry. Nate certifications means professionalism, proficiency and pride.

Difficult problems are our strength.

  • We have products like Unico high velocity systems with its 3” mini piping so that we can weave ducting into the smallest of spaces enabling cooling where conventional systems could never fit
  • Mitsubishi ductless systems that will allow for individual room by room cooling with no connected ductwork
  • American Standard conventional systems with efficiencies high enough to qualify for $ 1,500.00 tan credits plus various utility rebates. No matter what type of home you have — ranch or Brownstone — we have the system to fit.

Heating & Hot Water Systems

Energy use and operating costs are a priority to most everyone these days, especially with the ever rising costs of fuel. Needham Energy frequently consults with customers to be sure their existing system is operating efficiently by today’s standards. A new, higher efficiency heating system could save as much as 50% on your operating costs. If your system is 15 years or older, you may want to consider replacement or upgrade. Newer technologies such as Buderus direct vent boiler can deliver efficiency as high as 93% and will not only reduce your energy costs but will have major impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gasses. Buderus’s exclusive Logamatic control or Techmar reset controls can offer even further fuel savings by automatically setting back the boiler temperature when heat demand loads are lower; for example as outdoor temperatures rise, the boiler will cycle less giving substantial savings along with less wear and tear.

Most water heating methods used in the past are much less efficient than today’s modern indirect tanks. Replacing your tankless coil or flue vented water heater can reduce energy costs and increase hot water quantity. Super Stor, indirect water heaters are quick recovery, insulated to allow less than ½ degree per hour temperature loss, and a lifetime warranty are a few reasons to let us evaluate your existing hot water system.

If you’re building new, adding space or remodeling, we can design a system that will fit your requirements with zoning for new spaces or divisions for new zones. Radiant heating by Viega has become one of the more popular choices with floor panels and tubing running beneath the floor, offering unsurpassed warmth and comfort. With its own outdoor reset system, lower operating costs are another advantage.

In new homes we frequently install Hydro-Air systems which are hybrid systems using a low velocity, quiet, ducted system. You’ll enjoy constant environment control as you can add high grade filtration such as an AccuClean whole house air cleaner to your system to remove common household pollutants like pollen, tobacco smoke, duct, spores, bacteria and more. Adding whole house Humidification allows for constant moisture control by reducing dryness in your home and improving health and comfort by raising the relative humidity. Humidification will also protect your home by preventing ceiling and wall to crack, floors to separate and furniture to split. Aprilaire and Nortec are quality humidifiers that fit into most homes. Hydro-Air allows for complete environmental control.

Indoor Air Quality

New homes today are substantially tighter than years ago. Even existing and older homes have become more airtight and more fuel efficient through installation of new weatherized windows, increased insulation, infiltration barriers, caulking and weather stripping. As a result the air we breathe is not as pure and fresh as it once was. What’s missing is the air exchange that used to carry away many indoor pollutants such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, cool-weather moisture, outgases from building materials and cleaning compounds. Even though we do not know everything about indoor pollutants we do know that ventilation and air exchange allows for a healthier environment.

Renewaire is a quality product that removes and exchanges indoor air and actually reclaims the heat and humidity from the air to maintain energy efficiency. This exchange is achieved through a stainless steel exchanger and can be added to any home or HVAC system. Many sick home syndrome problems have been corrected with this process.

Additional system add-on devices such as high quality air filtration and humidity control systems can help elevate the health levels in a home. American Standard AccuClean is a perfect example with a 99.98% removal rate of particulate, making for a cleaner environment. Most homes generate in excess of 40 lbs of dust per year. This certainly supports the need for air filtration.

Humidity is another common cause for discomfort in the winter months. Low relative humidity can cause dry skin, itchy eyes, chapped lips. Adding humidity can lessen these drying affects and actually allow you to feel more comfortable at lower temperatures and your home will be subject to less wall and ceiling cracks and floor separation which should reduce cold causing viruses and allergy triggers.

Our Technicians

of some of the most elite service and installation technicians in the industry! Many of our top rate technicians, all of which are licensed and certified, have more than 20 years experience in the field. Needham Energy encourages and requires all customer service representatives, service and installation technicians to undergo continual training and education in the latest equipment, installation and service practices, delivery technologies, etc. Emphasis on training and education enables our staff to offer the best solutions and services available to each and every customer.

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