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Automatic Delivery

Avoid unnecessary run outs with easy, free and reliable automatic delivery. Automatic oil delivery is one of the many conveniences you will enjoy as a customer of Needham Energy. This delivery option eliminates the need for you to track your oil tank and be hassled with scheduling your next delivery—we do it for you!

Needham Energy has invested in state of the art technology and sophisticated computer software that allows us to accurately predict oil delivery schedules. Computerized Degree Day Forecasting tracks the daily weather and coordinates that data with information on your individual usage characteristics, like size of your house, age of equipment, insulation, how your hot water is heated, etc. We calculate a “K” factor or usage factor that suits your requirements, so we can ensure you will never have to deal with the inconvenience of running out of oil again.

Sign up for our Automatic Delivery and NEVER run out of oil again!

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