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High Efficiency Equipment

High Efficiency Equipment

These days, most new equipment is manufactured to produce high efficiency heating and cooling. High efficiency equipment will yield immediate savings on heating and cooling bills, but more importantly, will offer the comfort and energy efficiency you should have when heating and cooling your home.

Before investing in new equipment, let us address a couple of areas that should be reviewed and, if needed, adjusted by our technicians, to be sure that your system is, in fact, operating inefficiently or ineffectively.

  1. Size of your current equipment -- to be sure your equipment size is appropriate for the space to be heated or cooled. Equipment that is mis-sized for the space to be heated or cooled may cycle on and off improperly causing inefficient performance and putting undue stress on the equipment components, which eventually will lead to constant repairs or comfort problems. Needham Energy technicians can calculate the proper heat gain/loss for your home size and recommend what will work more effectively.

  2. Leaky Ducts are another problem that will cause systems to operate inefficiently. Ducts and air flow rates should be checked by our technicians and if problems are fixable, you may be able to avoid a new system.

  3. A system properly charged with refrigerant will operate more efficiently and effectively. Our technicians can test whether your heating or cooling system is properly charged and may be able to make adjustments in levels that could solve your problems.

  4. Improper Air Flow can be a cause of system discomfort. Testing will calculate whether air flow is too high or too low within your heating and cooling systems. Our technicians may be able to make adjustments for optimal performance.

  5. Once the above have been reviewed and your system is deemed ineffective or inefficient, Needham Energy will provide a full evaluation with recommendations and can install the system you believe will be best for your home. Combining our technical knowledge with top-notch high efficiency equipment from trusted vendors will achieve the most effective heating and cooling for your home and for your family. Please call us to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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